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What a day! The doors at Newlands Brewery opened up at 11h00 on Saturday welcoming all Capetonians and visitors of Cape Town to a German packed day of entertainment. The ticket booth was smooth sailing with very quick and visible directions. If you didn’t get the memo to dress the part Bierfest had a merchandise section for you to buy any of the great costumes they had available.

From the minute you walked in you could hear the music and people were ready to have a great time. The beer buying system that was used it was absolutely fantastic – there was a brochure that was available to let you know what beers were available to be bought. Every beer that you could think of was available for you to enjoy

The Tops Bierfest

The Tops Bierfest

There were waiters and waitresses who were selling beer tokens. The tokens were R30 for a short glass beer and R60 for a bigger glass. A lot of patrons were quite impressed at how easy it was to get a beer refill. The waiters and waitresses made sure that everyone’s glass was always full. Where ever you were seated you could see them, and the skill that came with holding those beer jugs, needed you to have proper arm strength. And if you thought that was great, there was a beer tasting section were you could be introduced to different types of beers that have a bit of history behind it. It was an informative beer tasting section with beer sommeliers who are quite informed with their beers.

In any beer drinking occasion the food must always be available. Any beer drinker will tell you it is dangerous to drink on an empty stomach and Bierfest made sure that you had your food. from the German Sausage to those Eisbeins patrons were well looked after and if you wanted something light and easy to eat, you could grab a hot dog with fries.

Food was plenty at The Tops Bierfest

Food was plenty at The Tops Bierfest

Now as if this was not enough that you had every beer you could think of under one roof, the entertainment offered at the Bierfest was super fun. People were laughing themselves sick with all the games. The most loved one was the guitar dance, where you had to go on stage and be as if you are part of a band and you play a guitar. The people were so creative in this game and they could laugh at themselves which even made it more fun. The most challenging one was the beer hand holding game, now this tested people’s arm strength and it’s originated from Germany, so you know the Germans were quite strict on the rules. In this game, you needed to to keep your arm straight at all times. The people were in spirit to play and the winner got a Jägermeister Hamper.

The German band made sure we all had a great time – the Jägermeister ladies were all around with those ice cold shots and making sure you were having them. The great surprise was when they took to the stage to give us the Jägermeister dance, which was so much fun.

It was an amazing experience for the Ticketstroom blog team an we could do it all over again. The Bierfest was such a great place to meet people. Strangers became friends and friends came in numbers and all had a great time – from young and old everyone had a great time. We certainly cannot wait for next year’s event, to be the first hear of next year’s dates. Make sure you keep glued to Ticketstroom on Facebook and Twitter.

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