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If like most South African’s you are concerned about the protection of our country’s Rhino, then this is a race for you! The Rhino Run is an annual trail run aimed at raising funds to help preserve our Rhino.

The Founder of The Rhino Run is Sian O’Keeffe. He was moved into action in March 2012, when a poaching event happened at the Kariega Game Reserve, near to his home city of Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape.

Three Rhinos were attacked by well prepared and equipped poachers who immobilised the rhinos using veterinary tranquilizers, then proceeded to hack off the horns in a terrible act of cruelty, using crude bush machetes and axes. All the while the rhinos were still awake, but immobilised. Amazingly two of the rhinos survived that ordeal, and became the now world famous Thandi & Themba (Xhosa words for Love & Hope). Sadly a few weeks later another one passed away. Sian realised it was time to stop talking about what should or could be done and simply just do it.

The Rhino Run

The Rhino Run

With that the concept of the Rhino Run was born. His dream was for this event to make the biggest single day trail running event on the planet! He wants to have people running on their favourite trails the world over for an entire day, all with one single objective – to raise funds and awareness of the war on rhino poaching.

In the four years to date that this event has been held, the Rhino run has raised R545,000.00 for their beneficiaries. These beneficiaries include OSCAP, The Chipembere Rhino Foundation, Saving The Survivors and The Kariega Foundation Help Save Our Rhino Project.

On the 25 September 2016 the 5th Anniversary of the run was marked by running the race in 5 venues across South Africa. They included runs in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, Kenton and Durban.

The Gauteng race took place at Hedianga Farm in Pretoria. The routes distances were 5km, 10km and 15km. The trails are very well marked and the venue allows runners to bring their dogs with for an on lead run. The trails at Hedianga Farms are known for being tough and challenging. The race organisers made sure to have ample water points for the runners, but did advise that runners should carry hydration packs. The race kicked off at 9am with the 15km runners setting off first, the rest followed in a staggered start at 10 min intervals thereafter.

The Rhino Run

The Rhino Run

It was an incredibly hot day on the 25th September, this made the run even more challenging and difficult. Runners who completed the race could be very proud of their achievement and their contribution to this worthy cause. Luckily the organisers have agreed to a much earlier start time for next year, for which the runners are very grateful and it ensures they return again to run in the 2017 edition.

Each Runner who finishes the race gets a wonderful commemorative medal. The winners received a beautiful rhino trophy. There are also other spot prizes on the day. The cutest one of them all being the special rhino tissue boxes, these are a big hit with everyone. The race results can be found on Rhino Run website along with any other relevant information

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