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Fashion, stars and music were the order of the night as the Nutribe team pulled off a successful last exhibiting their fresh and exciting clothing range. The energy on the night was on high vibration as media, family and friends all came together to witness and celebrate the starting of what promises to be a partnership which is only heading up from here. With the objective of affording the people with a chance to witness and experience African and global youth culture in the way they dress and express themselves through apparel. The Nutribe team has created clothing which brings together a representation of where we come from as Africans and where we’re headed in terms of our impact and ideas in a universal sense.

With the brand being primarily premised on being a “Youth driven takeover” the launch was filled with a lot of upcoming talent and young people who are making strides in their own respective creative spaces. An opportunity was created for them to come and rub shoulders with their peers who are embracing the lifestyle and contributing to its growth and adding value to a street culture which has not only been shaped by multi-cultural ideas but by the ever evolving society we live in.

People were out in numbers, rocking their Nutribe apparel.

People were out in numbers, rocking their Nutribe apparel.

After the founders – Mason and Mbulelo Katise better known by his moniker ‘Sicelo’ on the Etv drama Scandal delivered their speeches, we were treated to a variety of wonderful performances – from a wonderful and touching spoken word piece and singing performance from young, gifted and black women; Botlale and Miz Rickz to the rhythm of smooth flows and rhyme schemes by rapper Kronik who left the crowd in a mood to let loose and let go. The night was at its peak and only about to reach its true climax.

Thanks to the deejay who kept rocking us with the most recent and funky tunes, the dance floor was as the phrase goes – LIT! With everyone taking a turn to try the most daring and sought after moves it was definitely a night to be savored and will go down as a night where fun was the theme and everyone made sure to stick to it. Furthermore, it was the perfect representation of the Nutribe Lifestyle brand which is about; dope, cultured and good clean fun.

It was dope vibes all-round at the launch.

It was dope vibes all-round at the launch.

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