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The South African National Youth Orchestra with Bombshelter Beast performed this past Wednesday night, 15 December 2016 at Wits University.

As you enter the Linder Auditorium, you are welcomed by beautiful sounds and voices that promise a night of complete fun. When on stage, the National Youth Orchestra played their instruments and had Bombshelter Beast rapping to their music arrangement. They had the audience entertained and in awe; dancing away on stage and charming the crowd. Bombshelter Beast’s multi-lingual rapping and singing had mouths gaping, showcasing their great talent and love for music.

The music conductor guiding the National Youth Orchestra

The music conductor guiding the National Youth Orchestra

The National Youth Orchestra flaunted their fun side by dressing up; from bright ties, to aprons, from face glitter to bowties. The audience was graced with the presence of one of their favourite music conductors to guide the National Youth Orchestra in their music sets. The amount of trumpet and horn instruments on stage was impressive, ensuring delicately planned sounds playing the most spectacular music. The night was fun with music lovers supporting the National Youth Orchestra.

Bombshelter Beast was dressed in colourful African themed outfits, that added to the magic of the night. They guaranteed a night of dancing feet, pulling the audience into a moment of pure celebration – teaching them how the spirit of music can make one move and sway, transporting you to a world that does not need words to describe the language of music.

Bombshelter Beast was dressed in African themed attire

Bombshelter Beast was dressed in African themed attire

The pride for the National Youth Orchestra’s accomplishments was clearly visible by the smiles on their faces, and the openness to include the audience in their victory. Their passion for what they do spilled over into the crowd, and the night felt like one great party.

The opportunity to witness a night like this exposes one to a culture of fun, good music and the celebration of people and their astonishing abilities. To witness young people on stage and to have this opportunity, makes all dreams seem possible. The Tickestroom blog team will be part of this growing foundation and will be keeping everyone up to date with the performances.


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