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Calling all South African cyclists, the L’Etape South Africa by Le Tour de France 2017 is upon us. The Le Tour de France was first organized in 1903 and since then the race has transformed cycling forever. The beginning of Le Tour de France opened doors all around the world and helped the sport of cycling become one of the most popular sports known to man. In 1993 a new division of the race was created by the French name of L’Etape du Tour which translates to, a stage of the tour. The L’Etape du Tour was originally created for all amateur cyclists to experience what it must feel like to take part in the Le Tour de France.

Finally, after years of anticipation, South Africa has been given the opportunity to join this phenomenal cycling event. May 2017 South African will host its very own version of L’Etape du Tour. As mentioned the L’Etape du Tour has provided all amateur cyclists with the real Le Tour de France experience and now every South African cyclist, nationwide can take part in this life-changing experience and compete for the legendary Le Tour de France yellow, green, polka dot and white jerseys.

The 160 km stage will stretch accross the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands

The 160 km stage will stretch accross the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands

Director, Christian Prudhomme of Le Tour de France itself will be endorsing the race’s complex route that will take every cyclist through the most adventurous areas and most incredible landscapes that South Africa has to offer. The race will be treated with full respect and will also fall under the official Le Tour de France race conditions which means that all roads used for this race will be closed to the public and everyone else. Only cyclists taking part in the race will have access to these roads to ensure the race will have no interference of any kind.

L’Etape South Africa by Le Tour de France will be an annual event however, the course of the race will be different each year to help and make L’Etape South Africa not just a race but a tourist attraction as well. Having a yearly change of the course will allow all amateur cyclists to explore more and more of the spectacular scenery and national treasures within our breathtaking South Africa. The L’Etape South Africa will test every participating cyclist’s skill as the race will be filled with new challenges around every corner. Putting every cyclist’s skill set and training to the maximum limits will certainly classify this event as one of the most intense of all the L’Etape events.

The L'Etape South Africa team which is working tirelessly to ensure it becomes a successful sporting event.

The L’Etape South Africa team which is working tirelessly to ensure it becomes a successful sporting event.

Registration for the race opened on the 22nd of November and will close on the 28th of February 2017. Up to 5,000 cyclists will be invited so entries will be limited. Both individual and team entries are welcome and only after entries have closed then the date and venue for the race will be announced. The L’Etape South Africa starts in less than six months so we encourage all cyclists out there to get motivated and to prepare for this demanding event.

Ticketstroom will be following this historical sporting event very closely and we will be on hand to share any information regarding the L’Etape South Africa proceedings. Our followers as well South African cycling fans can follow Ticketstroom on Facebook and Twitter.

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