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In the cores of the dusty streets of Soweto is where usual fun transforms to good memorable vibes not only because of the humility Sowetans own but because of affordability. R50 was the entrance fee that guaranteed entry to the Kwa-Lichaba Party In Kolour Picnic, free powder, a photo booth session and an awesome party with good music. All of this at a chilled place called Kwa-Lichaba where normal becomes classic.

When the gates opened people were already in tune to create memories, the first colour splash was at the entrance it then took place every three hours from 3pm till 12am. From the early hours till 2am the electrifying atmosphere was set by the most lit line-up of local DJ’s namely Lady Sakhe, Sgets, Stokie, Motsumi, Excel, Zanda, Bheki and as well as the awesome performance by THE JARGONS.

Kwa-Lichaba Kolour Picnic

Kwa-Lichaba Kolour Picnic

To set the relaxed ambience, those who came with their summer shorts, bikinis and shades could dip into the pool. Among multiple fun activities, the trampoline was the most loved one as it brought back childhood memories to different age groups. In as much as the cooler box was let in for free other refreshments were sold inside which made the evening even much more electrifying and because of that nothing vexed the vibe. Fun was had by many, not only because of splashes but because of all the Dj’s mixes which were well known house, Hip hop and Kwaito sing along hits.

After the announcement of the winner for best dressed at the Kolour Picnic, the event yield into an unexpected mode of entertainment as the Dj Ketane’s mix become a perpetual enjoyment throughout the night. The level of fun flourished as the last colour splash hour approached. People had a great jol so much that even in the last hour of the event the atmosphere pervaded the lounge with a thrilling aura.

Kwa-Lichaba Kolour Picnic (Photo: Kwa-Lichaba Chesa Nyama Lounge Facebook Page)

Kwa-Lichaba Kolour Picnic (Photo: Giddy Photo Worx)

The event ought to become a benchmark for future colour burst parties as it was well organised from the line-up of Local Dj’s up to the quality of services down to the passion the car guards have. New fresh friendships were born and mementoes were created. Who would have thought that concentrated micro fine powder would be the new norm for good fun times?

All the local Colour burst parties should be attended let us break in to this new vibe and trend for partying in the new colour ‘KOLOUR’. You can count on Ticketstroom to usher you into this new trend. All you need to do is follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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