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Say cheese, because you will definitely be smiling once you have experienced this, however, with that said, we all know that a picture says a thousand words yet it still doesn’t suffice in describing the prolific atmosphere created. This is not just an event, it is an absolute experience and something that you must do. Let’s imagine one of the best festivals in Southern Africa, in the picturesque setting of Stellenbosch – well after that, do we really need to say more? No, the setting already speaks for itself, but let’s rather go into detail so that you are tempted enough not to miss out on the ‘event of the year’ again.

Now on that cheese part; yes, we love cheese, so many different types, absolutely mouth-watering and just about goes with anything, doesn’t it? But for those who prefer something else, then in all honesty, you are at the right place. Never have you managed to find a place with such variety and let us not forget the amount of vendors that give patrons complimentary tasters of these quality products. It would, therefore, be one’s duty to mention just some of the delicious items on offer so that a sense of euphoria and elation can be created because of the intoxication (in a good way) of such delectable food and refreshments: olives… every type that you could imagine (Chrisna’s Olives), herbs, spices, olive oils, dressings (Creative Cuisine Pantry), breads, biltong, honey butter, nougat, sugar free ‘sweets’, low carb, banting; just about every single type of food from just about everywhere in the world, yet Proudly South African at the same time.

The Cheese Festival featured a number of vendors who offered complimentary tasters of amazing cheese.

The Cheese Festival featured a number of vendors who offered complimentary tasters of amazing cheese. (Photo: Sean Munro)

Now on the wines and even sparkling wines ‘I only drink Champagne when I’m happy, and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.’ By Lily Bollinger (1899–1977). Basically, this place allows you to experience an abundance of wine farms coming to you, yes, all the best wine farms are put together in one place for your benefit and also to the benefit of your taste buds. Here you have the opportunity to experience the produce of a variety of wine farms all in one place: from the wines of the valleys in Durbanville to tasting the wines situated across the mountains and valleys of Stellenbosch and Paarl. It is almost as if all the ‘greats’ came together to leave a legacy; as the Dutch proverb says ‘good wine praises itself’ and this proverb speaks the truth in its absolute entirety, especially when considering the farms that the Western Cape boasts – almost a paradise in itself. And so we repeat, here they were, in one place.

And for the non-wine drinkers (yes, a rare breed but they do exist) Sandringham made sure yet again that everyone was catered for: craft beers were extremely popular, students and others enjoyed the frozen cocktails, delicious coffees were on offer, a large selection of quality teas quenched the thirst of many (Carmien), milkshakes, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and some non-alcoholic options were all available. Never was there a time where choice became so confusing. What to choose? Which stall next?

There was every single type of food from just about everywhere in the world

There was every single type of food from just about everywhere in the world

It is important to note the amount of planning and preparation that goes into such an event beforehand and on the day, however, for an event of such magnitude, each day was carried out flawlessly. The organisers, security, exhibitors, events planners and all the staff made sure that each duty was carried out effortlessly and without fault and those who attended this magnificent event of such popularity bear witness to this.

So next year, same time, same place, ask yourself ‘What will you be doing?’ Perhaps the Sandringham Cheese Festival would be the best option. Ticketstroom will be there to cover the festival from all angles. Remember to keep following Ticketstroom, in order to get the news first.

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