Written by Chelsea Brehm – 04 October 2017

Have you ever been to show that captivates you from beginning to end, that leaves you wanting more… well, here it is.

As you enter the world of the Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers Animal-free Circus one cannot help but be enchanted by all they have to offer. A Bohemian/Gypsy Village is created boasting an original and exciting concept. For those few hours, you are welcomed into an exciting new world, even if it’s just for a little while.

At first a narrative is presented, ‘A story of the moon’. The storyline is clever, incorporating elements with an array of talent. Singers enchant you with their beautiful and harmonious voices adding to the fairy tale, coupled with the circus acts, further enrapture you. However, this is only the beginning of the adventure. There are exuberant amounts of magnetism and an abundance of talent, consisting of comedy, acrobats, contortionists, boleros, a quick dress show, drums and so much more. Following these acts the performers engage the audience by getting the children to participate and allow them to be part of a show…this was not only extremely endearing but extremely comedic. I am sure that the parents could not get enough of their children’s five minutes of fame; memories were created that they will cherish forever.


A slight sense of sorrow overcame many when the show came to an end but was quickly resolved when we heard that although the show had ended, there was still more entertainment to come, and in all honesty the end, was really, only the beginning. The anticipation and tension grew greatly when it was time for ‘The Globe of Death’. This was exhilarating and had people on their toes as one small error could possibly cause severe injury, luckily, these trained performers pulled off this death defying act with their motorbikes effortlessly and drove away still ‘high fiving’ the children and smiling from ear to ear and this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally, there were an array of activities to choose from, from the carnival rides, to the live band, to the bars, to the large variety of vendors and delicious food to choose from, it did not stop. Although the show had come to a close, the performers and staff made sure that each patron never had a dull moment; all those involved continued to add to the ambience of the event by conversing with patrons, hosting magic shows, entertaining the children and they were even dressed in style, to make it an event of a lifetime. It was magnificent.

The Adventure Club

The Adventure Club

Now do not be deterred and think this is an event just for children or just a family day out, they really do cater for all, from families, children, adults, the young, the old, it is an event for everyone and you will not be disappointed.

Now to top it off, we all know the renowned Madame Zingara, well this show was specifically created by Richard Griffin, the founder of Madame Zingara and the performers are from the Madame Zingara team. How much better can this get?

So South Africa, let’s support this initiative of an animal free circus and make it happen by supporting The Fantastic Grifizzi brothers, change starts with us… we need them to survive and we need them to flourish; none of us want to have to tell our children stories about the circus, instead let’s have the opportunity to take them and let them experience that little touch of magic.

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