Written by Tsholo Seema – 19 July 2017

Levine Pond, a remarkable woman in her own right, took the beauty of inspiration and solidarity that lies deeply amongst businesswomen and merged it all together to form an explosive event. In her eyes, woman that have taken an initiative to head and shape their own lives by eradicating societal standards of what woman should be, are BOSS LADIES.

Indeed, Boutique Media in association with She Owns It, a magazine by women for women in business, held ‘ Boss Lady Business Conversations’, an event which brought women into one space to share their journeys. What was special about this, was the bonds that were created, the effortless love and laughter shared and above all the upliftment from one woman to another.

Founder of Boutique Media, Levine Pond.

Founder of Boutique Media, Levine Pond.

There to open the event was, Levine herself; entrepreneur, mother and editor of She Owns It. Despite countless of challenges and obstacles along her journey, she became even stronger and is since encouraging other women to do the same. Through her magazine, she is able to give them a platform to express the daily lives of an entrepreneur and not just any entrepreneur but one who is first and foremost, a woman. That alone describes the many dynamics that come with being a woman- the countless challenges one faces in the society, the great responsibilities and having to constantly prove that you are worthy.

Second speaker to take to the floor was, Angela Cassndra, founder of Alegna Travels. Her business stemed from her love for travelling and the desire for financial freedom. Her words of wisdom? ” Take action”. She says that having a goal in life is more than planning and thinking about it but the most important step is taking that leap towards making your dream come alive.

All the ladies got an opportunity to give brief descriptions of their businesses.

All the ladies got an opportunity to give brief descriptions of their businesses.

To entertain the already uplifted crowd was a fashion show by Andrew Kobane. Aza Clothing, the name of his clothing range, was proudly and effortlessly modeled by amazing young women who gracefully took on the ramp. Carried by music and endless cheers and whistles, the atmosphere was filled with lively positive spirits.

Following the event was a wonderful opportunity to mingle and network. Set up not far from the entrance was a pathway, all occupied with attractive stalls. It was in these various stalls where one had the opportunity to have a one- on- one with the entrepreneurs, to look at their work and of course, have a big chat.

Models showcasing the Aza Clothing Range.

Models showcasing the Aza Clothing Range.

It is beautiful to witness the strength women have as a collective. Inspiration, insight, support and building was the order of the day as women of all sorts stood together and shared their milestones. Walking out the event not only encouraged one empower themselves but most importantly, to empower the next woman.

With women’s month coming up Ticketstroom will continue to offer support and coverage to all events that empower women including future Boutique Media events. Our followers need to just keep following Ticketstroom on Facebook and Twitter.

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