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Led by world famous ringmaster Stanislav “Stas” Knyazkov, of the celebrated Moscow City School of Circus Arts, entertainers of every kind wow and delight at The Great Moscow Circus. With a diverse company of skilled performers, including a mind-blowing contortionist who we’re not sure is human, there are a great many reasons to visit The Great Moscow Circus.

Distinguished Ringmaster Stanislav “Stas” Knyazkov.

Distinguished Ringmaster Stanislav “Stas” Knyazkov.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should visit the Great Moscow Circus:

#1 – No Animal Acts

History credits Phillip Astley with opening the first circus back in 1768, the modern circus has come a long way since then. Historically, a wide variety of animals such as birds, elephants, big cats and horses have been used in acts, and sadly many cases of animal abuse have emerged over time. Furthermore, there are serious ethical questions related to the use of animals for such entertainment. The Great Moscow Circus proves that it is possible to capture the magic and charm of an old time circus with no animal acts being included.

#2 – The Russian Clown

No circus is complete without a clown and in this regard The Great Moscow Circus delivers, thanks to the delightful work of “The Russian Clown” Dmitri Shindrov. This crowd favorite zips around the tent spreading cheer as he moves along and graces the audience with his presence at different points throughout the show.

#3 – Great Moscow Circus Big Top Tent

Performers at the legendary Great Moscow Circus get to work under the fully air-conditioned Great Moscow Circus Big Top red and white tent, which seats up to 1700 people in a circular arrangement. This splendid setting adds to a wonderfully authentic experience for circus enthusiasts of any age.

Great Moscow Circus Big Top Tent at Monte Casino.

Great Moscow Circus Big Top Tent at Montecasino.

#4 – Jaw Dropping Stunts

Many death-defying stunts leave audience members on the edge of their seats during the event. Standout performances come courtesy of sensational Brazilian act The Diorio Boys on double spinning giant wheels, as well as the thrilling Globe of Death finale.

#5 – All The Acts

Under the colossal Great Moscow Circus Big Top tent the 2-hour program presents audiences with 18 exciting and unique acts including:

• The Giant Wheel (The Diorio Boys)

• Juggler (Juan Pablo Martinez)

• Quick Change Transformation (Sixto & Lucia)

• The Catwall Trampoline (Guest stars from Canada: five talented, amazingly agile performers)

• Rolla Bolla (Sascha Williams)

• The Rubber Man (Emin Abudllaev)

• Horizontal Bar (The Magolas)

• Who Can Skip? (Mega Skipping)

• Acrobats on Fastrack (Rubtsov Troupe)

• The Globe of Death (The Finale!)

The Incredible Rubstsov Troupe.

The Incredible Rubstsov Troupe (Photo:

Ringmaster at The Great Moscow Circus celebrated his birthday on Monday and to celebrate, Stas has decided to give a 50% discount off for tickets of the remaining Johannesburg shows. The offer is only valid for people who will purchase tickets before 10am on Wednesday, the 18 of January 2017.

The Ticketstroom team enjoyed every moment of The Great Moscow Circus at Montecasino and strongly recommend you grab your tickets before you miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t forget to follow Ticketstroom on Twitter and Facebook or visit our blog to stay informed about all the best entertainment and events across South Africa.

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